Interesting Things to Note in Austronesian Languages

At the start of this year I started to have a certain craving to learn some Austronesian Languages. We're not only talking about Malay and Indonesian, but also languages of the Polynesian and Micronesian Islands like Gagana Samoa, Niuean and the like. There were some nice observations I made when studying some of these (I'm … Continue reading Interesting Things to Note in Austronesian Languages


5 Most Unusual Consonants

It's time to cover the most unusual sounds you can make in the languages you speak 🙂 1. Voiceless dental fricative You know the "th" sound you pronounce in "thing", "theta" etc? This is actually a rare consonant you're making there, my friends. English, Modern Standard Arabic, Burmese, Greek and Standard European Spanish are among … Continue reading 5 Most Unusual Consonants