Learning the Lesser-known Languages

I believe some of us have always wanted to learn some cool languages like Nunavut Inuktitut, Nahuatl or Gagana Samoa, but where are the resources? Anyway, this post is about my journey in learning the rather lesser-known languages, where resources may be few and far out of reach (like books which I can't buy anywhere … Continue reading Learning the Lesser-known Languages


10 Questions People Almost Always Ask Polyglots / Multilinguals

1. How many languages do you know¬†? Okay, lemme define this question. To "know" a language, usually means to have the knowledge to speak, read, write, understand and communicate in a language. So yeah, as of now, I do know quite a bunch of languages to varying standards, like English, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, French, Japanese, … Continue reading 10 Questions People Almost Always Ask Polyglots / Multilinguals